Soliton Announces Long-Term Cellulite Trial Results to be Presented at The Aesthetics Show on July 11-14, 2019

Dr. Omer Ibrahim to Present Data Showing Long-Term Benefit from Soliton's RAP Treatment

HOUSTON, June 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Soliton, Inc. (Nasdaq: SOLY) ("Soliton" or the "Company"), a medical device company with a novel and proprietary platform technology licensed from The University of Texas on behalf of the MD Anderson Cancer Center ("MD Anderson"), today announced that Dr. Omer Ibrahim of Chicago Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology will present 26-week data from its completed proof-of-concept cellulite clinical trial at The Aesthetics Show dermatology conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, to be held July 11-14, 2019.

The study, conducted by Dr. Michael Kaminer at SkinCare Physicians in Boston, MA, in collaboration with Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi at Capital Laser & Skin Care in Washington DC was designed to evaluate the safety and efficacy of Soliton's acoustic pulse device for the reduction of cellulite. 

The long-term follow-up to this proof of concept study was conducted by Dr. Michael Kaminer in collaboration with Dr. Ibrahim. The data presented will reflect results from a single acoustic pulse treatment, operating at a higher power level than the Company's RAP device intended for tattoo removal, at the 26-week timepoint. Dr. Ibrahim will also review preclinical data that appears to support what the Company refers to as "acoustic subcision," which it believes may be a new method for treating cellulite.

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"Since the announcement of our 12-week data that showed a 20 to 47% reduction in cellulite severity score from a single non-invasive treatment using our rapid acoustic pulse ("RAP") device, the dermatology community has been waiting to see if the long-term data would show continued improvement," commented Dr. Chris Capelli, President and CEO of Soliton. "We believe the proof-of-concept data is impressive.  Since 97% of the treatments (which required no anesthesia) in this trial were rated as creating 'zero pain,' and none of the patients experienced any bruising or post-treatment discomfort or downtime, if these results are demonstrated in a future larger pivotal clinical trial, we believe our technology may represent a major advancement in the treatment of cellulite."

Dr. Capelli continued, "We believe this new long-term proof-of-concept data makes initiating the larger pivotal clinical trial we intend to start within a few months for the treatment of cellulite even more important."

The Company's RAP device received FDA clearance for the indication of tattoo removal earlier this year, however RAP has not yet been reviewed or cleared by the FDA for the cellulite indication.

Drs. Kaminer and Tanzi are members of Soliton's Advisory Board.

About Soliton, Inc.

Soliton, Inc. is a medical device company with a novel and proprietary platform technology licensed from MD Anderson. The Company's first FDA cleared commercial product will use rapid pulses of acoustic shockwaves as an accessory to lasers for the removal of unwanted tattoos. The Company is based in Houston, Texas, and is actively engaged in bringing the Rapid Acoustic Pulse ("RAP") device to the market. The Company believes this "Soliton" method has the potential to lower tattoo removal costs for patients, while increasing profitability to practitioners, compared to current laser removal methods.  Soliton is investigating potential additional capabilities of the RAP technology in preclinical testing, including the potential to assist existing fat reduction technology in the reduction of fat as well as improving the appearance of cellulite by creating mechanical stress at the cellular level and inducing significant collagen growth. 

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